Friday, April 9, 2010

Alrighty, so tomorrow is the read-a-thon! YAY so excited.

Oh! For those of you who like to read gay-male fiction online, I made a new site which includes my own fiction, as well as some of my favorite fiction. SITE

So, what has happened since I last posted? Other than staying up till 6am making that site. You sure you wanna know? Okay here goes.

My Uncle (Mom's brother, 55) had a stroke two Wednesday's ago. He was really bad off and on that Thursday they moved him to UMASS (which I guess is a hospital). He didnt get any better.

Horrible Easter:
Sunday, my sister called me at 4pm crying, saying "They are taking him off the resperator and he isnt expected to live past a few breaths." She asked me to go to Carol's, our older sister who has my 2yo niece Mandy, and she would be there too. So we, the children, waited at Carol's for Mom to come home so we could be with her, comfort her. She called Carol's at 9pm-ish saying he was still holding on, we could go home.

I went to my parent's house, closer to Carol's and closer to work. Mom called me at 6:30am-ish Monday saying he had passed away an hour ago and she was coming home.

This past Tuesday, my Mom calls me at 11pm and says she is driving my grandfather, her dad, to the hospital. His legs were hurting. Turned out they found a bloodclot. He is still in there but when I called yesterday, grandma said he was doing much better.

So, horrible two weeks, as you can imagine. The wake is Monday and the Funeral Tuesday.

See, this is why I read. Escaping the real world, if only for a little bit. *sigh*

In other news... though I'm not sure my dinner would exactly be called news, I am just blatantly trying to change the subject. I have made Mac & Cheese (pretty much the extent of my culinary abilties) canned corn and Lemon Ginsing Tea(Stash Premium Tea). I like The Lemon Herbal Revive tea better but this one isnt bad.

I am still listening to "The Demon King by Cinda Williams Chima, on Disc 11/13. I bought 4 new books in preporation for the Read-a-thon. Not that I needed to but it was a good excuse, teehee.

Well, I guess thats all for now. Wish me luck on the Read-a-thon! Starts at 8am. Meh, I usually dont wake up to atleast noon. Today I didnt wake up till past 5pm! Sigh, I didnt get to sleep till about 7am, that could be why.



  1. Sorry to hear about your Uncle and Grandfather, I know all about those hospital waiting games and always dread the next one! *hugs*

    Good luck on the read a thon tomorrow, I'll come visit and see how you're doing!

  2. I'm so sorry!

    Good luck with the readathon; I hope you enjoy it.

  3. Good luck with the read-a-thon. Sorry about you Uncle and Granddad and I hope things get better for your family!

  4. It sounds like the readathon is coming at a good time for you to take care of yourself- I'm sorry to hear about all the trouble. I hope taking some time to read is helping!

  5. (((hugs)) It sounds like you've had a rough time. I hope the Read A Thon lets you take your mind off stuff!