Sunday, March 28, 2010



I am Athena aka Kanaye. I dont pronounce Kanaye correctly. I say it Kuh-nay. It has NOTHING to do with Kanye West. I never even heard of him when I first chose the name and now I wish I still havent heard of him.

I work about 8-12 hours a week in a teeny-tiny library and live in a teeny-tiny apartment. I have a boyfriend, Chris and a big cat, Aladdin (aka Aladdin-kitty). I am also a tad Yaoi-obsessive. *Evil grin* For those of you who dont know what yaoi is... lucky you.

I have odd sleeping habits which is why I am now posting at 6:34AM when I haven't even gone to bed yet. I actually finished a book I was waiting for over a year for and decided to hop on the computer for a minute to check on something afore I went to sleep. I got distracted, as I often do, and now I am posting. I'm tired but not quite to that sandpaper eyelid stage.

I love to read. And I mean LOVE to read. I recently did sorta an expirement on where I was posting all the books I read every month. By the 4th month it got too much of a hasel so I took it down. I did find out, through this expirement, that I read an average of 5 books a week (which is why posting them was such a pain). This week I hit 7 books.

I mostly read gay-male fiction and fantasy. I also read a few teens mixed in. I hate straight romance. I am just starting to get into mysteries but... Im particular about what I'll read. I tend to re-read books I like over and over and over. I have waaay too many books in my oh so tiny apartment, but then again, if I lived in a mansion I still think the space:books ratio would be about the same.

While I am not a published author (I wish) I do have a few short stories floating around the internet, all of a gay male subject. Anyone wanna know what/where they are, I'd be more than happy to post them on here. Could always use more readers. (Yes, I know, shameless plug.)

Other than reading/writing, I often play Runescape while listening to a book on cd and crocheting. I like to crochet (but hate knitting), bead, paint, make cards and bookmarks. I am currently working on a blanket for my sister to put on her recliner, so far it has taken me 40+ hours and its just a little over 4feet, 1 more foot to go. I have just started listening to Dean Koontz's Frankenstien, my 4th Dean Koontz book.

I'd be more than happy to keep going on. I kinda need to be told when to shut up. But, in this case I am way to tired to keep typing for much longer. Had to go to work for 10am yesterday, which might not seem early for some of you, but I usually don't wake up before noon at the earliest. Like today, well, now its 7:12AM and I am still awake. When i finially manage to tumble into bed, I dont plan on waking up for at least 8 hours.

I have no idea who would read this or who would even care but hey, I figure I'd introduce myself as the crazy, immature 24 year old I am, and you all will... um... I dunno... wait to read more of my oh-so-exciting life.

Well, I made this blog mostly for the 24-hour-read-athon. I guess I can use this for other stuff as well. Like ranting, yay.

Good night (or morning rather)


  1. Welcome to the Blog-o-sphere!

    I crochet more than I knit, but lately I've been having fun knitting dishcloths.

    Over on my reading blog @ I keep a list of everything I'm reading each year. I find it helpful to go back and look at what I read and when. I read about 10-15 books each month, depending on what's going on and how difficult the books are.

  2. Hi Kanaye!

    I saw your link and thought I'd pop by and say hi :)
    I have a blog somewhere here but it hasn't seen any action for a long time :(

    I'm looking forward to reading about your read-a-thon adventure but I myself am not participating this time around.