Thursday, April 19, 2012

24 Hour Read-a-thon Strikes Again!

The 24 Hour Read-a-thon is happening in a few days! I am posting early so I wont have to take time out of reading to set it up on Saturday!

I will keep updating this post.

I woke up on time, this morning!

8:06 - 9:31 Aisling: Guardian: Book 1 by Carole Cummings 1 - 157.

Lets see if there is a mini-challenge up.

Introductory Questionnaire
1) What fine part of the world are you reading from today?

Connecticut, USA.
2) Which book in your stack are you most looking forward to?
Aisling Book 2. Just received it from amazon yesterday.
3) Which snack are you most looking forward to?
My Baked Penne.
4) Tell us a little something about yourself!
I love to crochet.
5) If you participated in the last read-a-thon, what’s one thing you’ll do different today?
I won't spend extra time listening to audiobooks. As soon as I finish the Mini-challenge, the audio book is being paused.

I'm going to put in an audiobook so I can finish eating my Cheerios.

9:45 - 9:55 White Knight (Audio) by Jim Butcher 135 - 142.

10:00 - 11:11 Aisling: Guardian 158 - 255

Kept getting distracted. Couldn't read as fast as I usually do. This waking up at 8am bites.

Mini challenge time.

Hour Three - Book Puzzle:

11:30. Time to get back to my book. Hope I can concentrate better this time.

11:30 - 12:22 Aisling: Guardian 255 - 323. Finished.

Hour Four - Turn to a Page:
"I would rather read than prove those papers a forgery any day!"

Hour Five - Book Sentence:

My Fair Captain Snared The Vampire's Heart

12:54, I'm going to find something for lunch.

Hour Six - Book Appetit:

Aisling Book 1, Guardian by Carole Cummings.

First I would strew some hay on the doorstep, put two fake horse stakes in the yard, (the kind to wrap your horse's rein's around so he won't run off) and decorate my place like an ye olde inn. I would serve stew, rolls, cheese, beef jerky, rainbow colored pudding and ale in old fashioned mugs.

If anyone is confused about the rainbow pudding, it is because the two main characters are gay.

1:16 Just finished my kielbasa. Time for Aisling book 2! I'm so excited.

1:20 - 2:27 Aisling Book 2: Dream by Carole Cummings 1 - 104.

Hour Seven - Find a Poem:

He the Dreamer
He the Guardian
One Calls
The other Answers.
Father gave the world the Dreamer
Mother gave the Dreamer the Guardian
The Dreamer raised on lies
The Guardian wrenched from his fate
Till the pull drew each other
To dance in Mother's green womb.

2:42. Back to my book.

2:42 - 4:02 Aisling Book 2: Dream 104 - 232

Hour Nine - Weird Sisters:

Me and my friend Linda have the same tastes in books. She lives in the Bahamas while I live in Connecticut, USA. We both like a series and we both buy them and discuss them, not that we read them at the same time or anything.

Unfortunately, I'm the only one in my family who reads. No one else really understands my love of books.

Thanks for the cheers, everyone.

4:24 Back to my book.

4:24 - 5:24 Aisling Book 2: Dream 232 - 342

Hour Ten - E-book Survey

Nothing to post, it was a survey.

5:42 Back to my book.

Thanks, Lagie-dear. Fixed that link.

5:42 - 6:22 Aisling Book 2: Dream 342 - 408 Finished.

6:31 I'm gunna grab my next book. Not sure what its going to be yet.

6:35 - 7:05 Read 10 pages of BZKR by Michael Grant. Couldn't get into it. Put it down and picked up Dark of the Moon by Tracy Barrett 1 - 41.

Hour 12 - Fictionally Inclined

I only knew two of the answers. Number 8 and number 12.

7:19. Back to my book.

7:20 - 8:30 Moon Called by Patricia Briggs 1 - 108.

MidEvent Survey

1) How are you doing? Sleepy? Are your eyes tired?
Nope. I'm doing well.
2) What have you finished reading?
Aisling books 1 and 2.
3) What is your favorite read so far?
Aisling book 2.
4) What about your favorite snacks?
Angel Food cake.
5) Have you found any new blogs through the readathon? If so, give them some love! No. I'm not really a blog person.

8:38 I'm going to go eat. I'm hungry.

I cooked dinner. It's in the oven.

9:45 going back to my book.

9:45 - 10:00 Moon Called 108 - 127.

I've been reading the replies on my Mini-challenge. *big grin*

Night, Lagie-dear! You weird sister you! (That's odd, considering our conversation last night too.)

10:33 Going back to my book.

10:33 - 11:41 Moon Called 127 - 251

Hour 16 - Rereading:

I am constantly rereading books I love. Right now I am rereading the Mercedes Thompson series by Patricia Briggs. I love this series because she's a lone coyote shapeshifter in world with bigger and meaner things than she and she always manages to pull through. I also like the fact that while there is tension between her and the Alpha of the wolf pack, they don't actually get together till book 3, and then its all screwed up and not lovey-dovey perfect.

Mercedes Thompson series

12:22 Back to reading.

12:22 - 1:40 Moon Called 251 - 317 Finished.
Iron Kissed by Patrica Briggs 1 - 73.

I am having issues with my comp and my internet. Had to shut down my comp twice in the past 15 mins.

I guess I'll see what the next mini-challenge is.

Hour 18 - Me and My Book:

With my horrible looking hair.

With that done.

2:14 Back to my book.

Thanks for the encouragement, everyone!

2:15 - 4:10 Iron Kissed 73 - 287 Finished.

Hour 20 - Culinary Catastrophe :
I like this mini-challenge, made me laugh.

I've chosen to toss Sloppy Joe Burritos. They stay all in one piece as they sail through the air but as soon as they hit some poor unsuspecting victim it's Sloppy Joe Carnage.

4:26 Time for my next book.

4:26 - 5:35 River Marked by Patricia Briggs 1 - 128.

Hour 21 - Read-A-Thon-A-Crostic:



Hour 23 - Mad Lib

1. A noun from page one of the text you are reading.

2. An adjective to describe the cover of your book.
3. Your name or the name of a character.
4. A verb found on page 23 of your book
5. A noun from the title or the "About the Author" section of the book.
6. A verb ending in -ing from approximately page 76.
7. and 8. Two adjectives from the opening paragraph of a chapter or article from anywhere in the text.
lumpy absurd
9. Another verb found at the bottom of page 100 (or the nearest page with text on it).
10. The longest time period it has ever taken you to read a book.
3 months.

Now to see what all that makes.

This folio is dark! Brayden has never snorted so much.

The teenager I'm currently imagining is lumpy and absurd.

When this is over, I will avoid for three months.

That was fun! *laughs* I've always loved Mad Libs.

Yes, it took me three months to finish a book. I didn't really like it, but I promised a friend I would read it. I finally finished it but... it took 3 months.

6:25 Back to my book.

6:25 - 7:26 River Marked 128 - 219

7:30 back to my book.

I read past my time. But I really wanted to finish the book and I did.

7:30 - 8:32 River Marked 219 - 304.

Setting up math:

8:06 - 9:31 1.25
9:45 - 9:55 .10
10:00 - 11:11 1.11
11:30 - 12:22 .52
1:20 - 2:27 1.07
2:42 - 4:02 2.2
4:24 - 5:24 1
5:42 - 6:22 .4
6:35 - 7:05 .3
7:20 - 8:30 1.1
9:45 - 10:00 .15
10:33 - 11:41 1.08
12:22 - 1:40 1.18
2:15 - 4:10 1.55
4:26 - 5:35 1.09
6:25 - 7:26 1.01
7:30 - 8:32 1.02
1033 = 17.22



  1. Good luck today with all the reading!

  2. I'm cheering you on! Here's to much reading.

  3. Good luck with your book! I hadn't heard of Aisling before but I looked it up and the books look interesting.

  4. *waves pompoms and throws brownies* Read! Read! Read!

  5. sounds like you're doing great today! keep up the good work :)
    ~ Jennifer

  6. Keep going, Kanaye-dear!
    Psst... your hour four link goes to the hour five challenge.
    *leaves more brownies*

  7. You're welcome, Kanaye-dear!
    Happy reading! (I'm heading to bed...)
    Your 'weird sister'! :)

  8. You've been very productive. Hope you're having a great Read-a-Thon!

  9. Thanks for participating in my mini-challenge, Kanaye! I love to reread too, though all of the new books I want to read get in the way sometimes.

    1. I know what you mean. I was actually talking to a friend (who is also a reader) complaining on how "I want new books to reread". She looked at me and laughed and said she loved that.

  10. Hey there! Good to see you in the read-a-thon! I still need to read that Patricia Briggs series, someday... ;) Hope you're having a great time!

    1. Thanks. I had fun!

      This is like my 6th or 7th time rereading it. Those books, the exact ones, used to be mine, but I donated them to my library.

      Last Thursday I was like "I think I'll take them back for the read-a-thon."

  11. You ROCK! Finishing 5 book!?! I finished one book and got 1/2 way through the 2nd one. I need to live someplace else so that the end of the Read-a-Thon doesn't come in the wee hours! I was getting anxious to play on the Internet at the same time that I was feeling sleepy and I eventually gave in and gave up with 4.25 hours to go. Can I just blame it on being an old woman?

    1. I'm a night person. I was fine once I hit about 6pm.

      I'm used to staying up all night reading.

      I love the read-a-thon cause I actually accomplish something by doing it.

  12. Is your book puzzle Tears of a Wolf or something? Great job and thanks for playing!

    1. Close. Cry Wolf by Patricia Briggs.

  13. I had to stop by and let you know the gorgeous throw arrived today in the mail - thank you! I put a picture of it up on the blog today so if you want to see its new home, come on by! Thank you again!